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The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Lands November 17


As any Lucasfilm aficionado knows, The Star Wars Holiday Special is regarded as the single worst thing to bear the Star Wars logo in history. It’s worse than the prequels, worse than (insert the chapter from the sequel trilogy you liked the least here). It’s so bad Lucas himself can’t stand it, and famously said that if he had the time he would track down every copy and smash it with a sledgehammer.

On paper, the idea of a Star Wars holiday special is a good one. It’s one of the most iconic brands in the world, and every other iconic brand already has its own (relatively good) Christmas special. It’s just that the stink from the 1978 effort was just that bad. But really, why give up after just one attempt? We can do it right this time; we have the technology. We have….the Legos.

You see, this isn’t the Star Wars Holiday Special, it’s the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, which means it can take the Force places that live-action never could. This special will star the Minifig versions of not just Luke, Han and Leia, but Rey, Finn and Rose Tico….AT THE SAME TIME!

It becomes possible when Rey stumbles upon a magic crystal that bestows the power to travel through time. She winds up in the OT and meets Luke and the gang, and that’s not all. Many other characters from across canon will appear as Legos, including a certain bounty hunter and his diaper-soiling green friend. Unfortunately, Emperor Palpatine is also clued into the existence of this crystal, and he wants to use it to rule over all of time and space. Can our multigenerational gang stop him and save history?

What this all means is that we could finally have a Star Wars seasonal special that is good enough to watch again and again, just as it should’ve been. The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special goes live on Disney+ November 17.