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The Legend Of Vox Machina Is Almost Here

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Here’s the deal: there’s this live internet show called Critical Role that’s the most successful D&D livestream series ever, and the participants are some of your favorite cartoon voice actors. Sounds great, how can you drop in? Not easily…hundreds of hours of footage exist at this point, and the mythos of each campaign is dense enough to make for confusion if you don’t start at the beginning.

What do you do? Turns out there will soon be an easy way to see what the Critical Role hype is about without suspending everything else about your life for several weeks. It seemed like a no-brainer to give these voice actors their own cartoon and that’s what’s about to happen. The Legend Of Vox Machina, an adaption of the first Critical Role campaign, will premiere on Amazon Prime Video before this month is through.

Who is Vox Machina and what makes them legendary? It’s not immediately apparent: they’re a bunch of dysfunctional, crass misfits who are summoned to save the day only if everyone better has failed. But when the world of Tal’Dorei faces a REAL threat, they find they’re the only ones who can stand in the way of pure evil. This is the RED BAND, NOT SAFE FOR WORK trailer, so you can see just how messed up this gang truly is.

Born from a super-successful Kickstarter, at least two seasons of The Legend Of Vox Machina are guaranteed. All the participants of the original game are present in the cast as their own characters: Laura Bailey, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Liam O’Brien, Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, and Travis Willingham.

Phil Bourassa (Young Justice) designed the animated look of the Vox Machina crew. Titmouse is handling the animation and Brandon Auman (Star Wars: Resistance) and Chris Prynoski (Metalocalypse) serve as executive producers. The Legend Of Vox Machina starts rampaging onto Amazon Prime January 28, 2022 — a full week earlier than originally announced.