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The Latest Captain Marvel Trailer Went Live Today

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Disney and Marvel Studios have just, in the last hour, released the latest trailer for the next super-film, Captain Marvel. When we last left Carol Danvers, the year was 199X and she had just punched an old lady in the face. TO BE CONTINUED!

Now, in the latest installment, the ol’ granny has revealed herself to be…as everyone predicted….a Skrull. A member of a shapeshifting alien race that blends into the societies of other planets and conquers them from the inside. if the Skrulls succeed in taking over 1990s America, the resulting time paradox will wipe every previous Marvel movie out of existence!

Only Danvers — raised on another planet and embued with superhuman powers — has the greenish blood to kick Skrull tush and save the world. And here’s what that looks like:

Carol’s cat, spotted by sharp-eyed viewers in the original poster, is confirmed here. Captain Marvel will be released March 8, 2019.

So what comes next? Rumor has it Marvel could be releasing the first trailer for Avengers 4 very soon. Keep watching the cyberstream…