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The Last Of Us Part 2 Getting Major Update


The Last Of Us Part 2 has been getting a rather polarizing response since its launch. On one hand it’s easily one of the biggest launches of the year, and many critics praise it for its very dark and non-typical storyline in certain aspects. However, for the players, they are of a much different mindset. Mainly, they feel that the team went too dark, and certain twists on the storyline didn’t add up to the emotional levels that the first game took them to (and thus made it an instant classic.)

That being said, Naughty Dog is still working on content for The Last Of Us Part 2, and that including a new update that is coming out this Thursday called the “Grounded Update”.

According the Naughty Dog team, the Grounded Update is for those who want the true test of skill for the game. The ones who want to see if they can really make it on their own without restarts or without feeling “too simple”. Though it should be noted that the Permadeath mode can be altered in ways that won’t send you back to the beginning of the game, but rather to checkpoints so that you’re not doing a complete restart.

Or, if you’re the kind of gamer who wants to see The Last Of Us Part 2 in a different light, there are free graphics modifiers as well, including the ability to make the game cell shaded, or even 8-bit in appearance. So thus giving you something truly special and unique.

Also, there are gameplay modifiers that’ll allow you to do one-hit kills that way you can blast through opponents with ease, and even do things like have infinite ammo so that you never have to worry about not being able to use guns in a key situation.

The update releases on Thursday, the trailer for the update is below.