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The Last Of Us On HBO Could Feature Content Left Out Of Game

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Despite all the controversy surrounding The Last Of Us Part 2, the original title is still one that is beloved by both fans and critics alike. Which makes it all the more appropriate that the beloved game is going to become a TV series on HBO. A channel that is known for high quality drama while also embracing the dark side of things. But there have been many questions about what the show will actually be like, and how things will evolve from the game or be added to the core material.

Producer Craig Mazin told BBC Radio 5 Live an answer to that question, and the answer is simply that there will be additions to the show that wasn’t in the game. But it won’t be just original scenes to help flesh things out, but also, moments or scenes or even gameplay that weren’t able to make it into the original cut of the title.

However, he was quick to dispel any fear that they were going to throw in random things that would totally break flow with what the game is like. An example being Joel and Ellie riding bikes and fighting a motorcycle gang. He promised that this wouldn’t feel episodic in how there’s a challenge every episode. Rather, all the additions are going to feel organic and be curated to match the story that has already been provided.

He also reaffirmed that they aren’t out to “dramatically change the story” from the game itself. That’s part of the reason that HBO is working with Naughty Dog and The Last Of Us Director Neil Druckmann, to make sure that this gets done, and get done right.

Because as video game fans know, when a company takes a title and doesn’t fully understand it, bad things result.

No release window for the television series as of yet.