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The Last Of Us May Be Turned Into A TV Series

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We’re two months away from an honest-to-goodness Last Of Us sequel, detailing the further adventures of Ellie. And though it might be too early to think about what comes after that, you might be able to look forward to this: an HBO TV series adapting the original game.

THR broke the news this morning. Sony is setting up a studio called Playstation Productions that will turn its most popular game properties into films and TV shows. The Last of Us will be the first of these.

Series creator and Naughty Dog vice-president Neil Druckmann is personally involved, and running the show will be…..Craig Mazin. It’s THAT guy again, the guy we just lamented getting control of the Borderlands movie. But he did wonders with HBO’s Chernobyl, and this show wouldn’t be far off from that thematically, so….we have hope, at least.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us to partner with Craig, Neil, Carolyn and the teams at Sony, Naughty Dog and PlayStation to bring the virtual world of this acclaimed game to life,” says HBO programming president Casey Bloys. “Getting a chance to adapt this breathtaking work of art has been a dream of mine for years, and I’m so honored to do it in partnership with Neil,” says Mazin.

The reason we’re not using language that implies you’re definitely getting this show is because Joel and Ellie’s Hollywood debut has been cancelled before. The Last Of Us was originally slated to become a feature film, and that never happened. Projects have a tendency to quietly disappear, especially when they’re adaptions of video games (given the quality of most of them, some might say not enough of them disappear). In the case of the Last Of Us movie, creative differences between Druckmann and the writing staff killed the project.

That’s why we have confidence that we’ll either get a good Last Of Us TV show, or nothing at all. Druckmann will not allow any bad-taste ideas out of Mazin to spoil his creation. We’ll see what happens.