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The Knight in the Area-“Panic at the Training Camp?!” Episode 9 Recap



While Kakeru and the team begin to adjust at a soccer training camp, Nana subs in for a player who belongs to Nadeshiko Japan

Coach Iwaki gathers the SC and FC team members and sends them all to a soccer training camp in order to strengthen their skills. While this occurs, Nana decides to help Nadeshiko Japan defeat an American team called “Miama Hurricane”.  Nana is able to dribble her way to victory and the Miama team figures out that she’s really the famous “Little Witch” player from America. Later when Nana arrives at the soccer camp, the boys are forced into chaotic situations from almost peaking in the bath house to having to go on a test of courage at Kamari shrine.

The first half of “Panic at the Training Camp!?” give us a beautiful brush of animation, music, and great development for Nana. We are able to at last see her skills unfold as the “Little Witch” when she decides to play against Miama Hurricane for Nadeshiko Japan. The game itself was only just alright and it fit its purpose of showing Nana’s skills off and playing the point that she’s thankfully not just that character who cheers for Kakeru.  The art quality doesn’t stop being impressive throughout the episode and even the soundtrack was carrying a much better tune.  On the other hand, the second half was only pure comedy that was a complete hit or miss. I would have liked it more if we could just move onto Kakeru finding out that Nana is really “Little Witch” and the plot progressing than seeing..Ryuichi continue his diet struggles.