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The Knight in the Area- “Knight in the Area” Episode 2 Recap


Kakeru is thrown into a game of soccer and begins to display his skills by predicting and receiving Suguru’s extremely skilled passes. Even with the pressure of going against his brother, Kakeru still continues to hold back his left leg and wonders if he should just quit the soccer club..


Kakeru is placed into a game of soccer and displays his skills by predicting Suguru’s amazing passes. Sadly, Kakeru keeps missing the chance to score because he keeps refusing himself to use his left leg; which greatly reduces the power of his kicks. Suguru talks to Nana after the game and explains to her that Kakeru doesn’t lack skill or stamina, but the heart to play. Later at night, Kakeru meets up with the mysterious masked stranger and explains that he refuses to use his left leg because he injured another student in a soccer match due to how strong his kicks are. Later at night,  Suguru begins to have a dream of where he is playing soccer in the championships with a foggy figure that looks like his younger brother. The next morning on the way to school, Kakeru tells his Suguru that he has decided to quit the soccer club and wishes him the best of luck with his future. Suguru responds by telling him that he is the only forward to be able to receive his strong passes. He then proceeds to tell Kakeru about the dream he had last night; but before he could tell him who the foggy figure was they both get hit by a truck that crashes into the sidewalk..

What makes me very impressed with this show so far is that it has a weird way of making you curious of what happens next. The episode literally ends with a truck coming out of nowhere and crashing right into Kakeru and Suguru and creating a rather shocking result. With what was suggested at the end of this episode, I do get worried that Kakeru might become a protagonist who will soon later always blame himself or continue to run away from his problems instead of facing them, though with the way he acts it probably won’t be that case forever. It’s hard to say anything else now because this is just the introduction, but I see a very possible interesting story resulting from all of these events that I’m excited to see unfold. We are only on the second episode and there is already a smell of death, lost dreams, and a new beginning in the air..