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The Great North Granted Great Third Season

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It’s a wild world out there, but Beef and his rugged crew can weather any storm. The Great North, a new animated series from the creators of Bob’s Burgers, premiered on Fox early this year. It already has a second season in production, and you can now add a third to that.

Fox was confident enough in The Great North that they gave the show a Season 2 renewal before Season 1 ever began airing, and they also aired several “sneak previews” through January and February of this year, effectively giving Great North several premiere episodes (most shows get just one).

So is the show good enough to deserve this treatment? It actually is. The Bob’s Burgers team has transferred their wit to this new production flawlessly. It’s just different enough from Bob’s to not feel like a ripoff, yet holds the same charm that’s kept the Belchers on the air for a decade. This new cast of characters could very well have it in them to last just as long.

The Great North follows the Tobin family, who live in a remote Alaskan community: patriarch Beef (voiced by Nick Offerman, and very much like Ron Swanson), daughter Judy (Jenny Slate), brother Wolf (Will Forte), strange little brother Moon (Aparna Nancherla), and Wolf’s fiancĂ© Honeybee (DulcĂ© Sloan). Supporting cast members include Megan Mullaly (Judy’s boss at her mall job) and Paul Rust, who plays Honeybee’s brother Ham.

Perhaps the strangest part of the series is that Alanis Morrisette is also part of the cast and appears as a vision in the Northern Lights to Judy whenever she sits on the roof. The first season has proven Morrisette is totally game for anything the writers come up with, even a Coulier reference this week that made my jaw drop.

The season finale of The Great North aired last Sunday and featured the wedding of Wolf and Honeybee. The happy couple have many days of marital bliss ahead of them…two years’ worth, at least. The Great North airs Sundays at 8:30 on Fox’s Animation Domination.