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“The Ghost and Molly McGee” Cancelled After Two Seasons


It has been confirmed that the Disney Channel series The Ghost and MollyMcGee has been cancelled. Prior to the series finale airing on January 13, it was unknown whether or not the series would be renewed for a third season, but its cancellation has now been confirmed by various crew members.

In a lengthy thread on X (formerly known as Twitter), series co-creator Bill Motz explained that the series’ initial drop on Disney+ indicated that it was doing well, so Disney commissioned them to write 10 scripts for season three (after having already written well into season two). The second drop didn’t perform as well, and even though the third drop was an improvement, Disney had decided not to move forward with a third season.

Motz added that the series finale, The End (which we’ll avoid spoiling plot details for), was not intended to be the season two finale. Motz and other series co-creator Bob Roth knew how they wanted the series to end but needed additional episodes to wrap it up, so they convinced Disney to give them one more episode.

Even then, they still held out hope that the series would still be renewed for a third season, especially after Bob Iger returned as Disney CEO, and the plan was to hold onto The End until it was clear the series was ending. However, this didn’t happen, and even though season two performed well, it needed to grow its viewership more than it did, so the series concluded with The End on January 13.

The Ghost and Molly McGee centered on 13 year old Molly, who discovered a ghost named Scratch in the attic of the house her family moved into. He cursed her to be forever tied to him, but instead of being scared, Molly decided she liked having him around, and the two would become friends. The series starred Ashly Burch (Steven Universe, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes) as Molly and Dana Snyder (Chowder, Jellystone) as Scratch.