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The Full List From Nintendo’s Indie World Direct


Nintendo broadcast a new Indie World showcase this morning, and we’ve scribed all the major releases for those who lack the time to watch. All the indies discussed below and in the video will be timed Switch exclusives. Oddly most of the announcements did not include specific release dates, so we’re grouping these by season.

Spring 2020

  • Summer in Mara
    Think farming, like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, only from a third-person perspective and on a remote island.
  • Faeria
    A board game battler where you strategize with cards. Promises to be out before the month’s end.

Summer 2020

  • Blue Fire
    When you think of 3D platformers, colorful visuals and animal characters spring to mind…not something about a little ninja dude leaping about a stylized harsh realm. Should be interesting.
  • Baldo
    A JRPG with lush, Ghibli-inspired visuals. It’s being made in Italy, but by a team of two, so it should be completable under quarantine. As revealed in the video, the guy who made the game is also bald.
  • Cyanide and Happiness: Freakpocalypse
    We don’t see very many webcomic-based games, at least ones that get released on major consoles, but here it is: an apocalyptic adventure dressed with the stylings of Kris Wilson’s stick people.
  • The Last Campfire
    The latest from Hello Games, makers of No Man’s Sky. This one will be very, very reduced in scope from their previous title (obviously). It stars a little blue walking bag.
  • PixelJunk Eden 2
    From the makers of PixelJunk Eden 1.
  • Eldest Souls
    As you might gather from the “Souls” in the title, it’s a super-hard slasher. But it’s unrelated to the Dark Souls series.

Sometime in 2020

  • I Am Dead
    An exploration game in first person from the perspective of a museum curator, who as the title suggests, is dead. As his ghost you can peer through walls and solve the mysteries of the island he lived on.
  • B.ARK
    A sidescrolling shooter that sees you piloting the Bio-Interstellar Ark, or B.ARK for short. Yes, it’s being piloted by dogs.
  • Quantum League
    A multiplayer shooter with a big twist: each round takes place at the same time, and by that we mean every time you warp back to the arena, you’ll see your past selves doing exactly what you did in your previous rounds. Strategic use of this will overwhelm your opponents.
  • The Good Life
    From famed Japanese indie developer Swery, this is a game where the townspeople of a British village turn into dogs and cats at night, and then solve mysteries. …Swery games rarely follow logic.

In addition to all this, two games are out NOW: Exit The Gungeon, the long-awaited sequel to the Switch hit roguelike, and Sky Racket, a bullet hell shooter with a twist: you boomerang projectiles back at enemies with a tennis racket.

Check out the full video below.