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The Folio Society to Release A “DC: Batman” Hardcover Collection


The Folio Society announced plans to release a new collection of comics that will reprint some of the most seminal Batman stories of all time. Simply titled DC:Batman, and meant to tie-in with the character’s 85th anniversary this year, the hardcover collection is set to release later this month, on February 20.

DC: Batman features 12 comics from Batman’s long history, selected to show the character’s growth across the decades, including a replica copy of “Batman #1”, the character’s title debut issue. These were selected by former DC President, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Jennette Kahn. A list of the stories included, as well as the artists responsible for them, can be found below. Also released is artwork for the upcoming release.


The collection includes:

“Facsimile: Batman #1” (Spring 1940)
Writer: Bill Finger
Cover artists: Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson
Artists: Bob Kane, Sheldon Moldoff

“The Bat-Man” – Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)
Writer: Bill Finger
Artist: Bob Kane

“Robin—the Boy Wonder” – Detective Comics #38 (April 1940)
Writer: Bill Finger
Artists: Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson

“The Crimes of Two-Face!” – Detective Comics #66 (August 1942)
Writer: Bill Finger
Artists: Jerry Robinson, George Roussos

“Batman and Green Arrow: The Senator’s Been Shot!” – The Brave and the Bold #85 (September 1969)
Writer: Bob Haney
Cover artist: Neal Adams

“Daughter of the Demon” – Batman #232 (June 1971)
Writer: Dennis O’Neil
Cover artist: Neal Adams

“The Dead Yet Live” – Detective Comics #471 (August 1977)
Writer: Steve Englehart
Cover artists: Marshall Rogers, Terry Austin, Tatjana Wood, Gaspar Saladino

“The Dark Knight Returns” – Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 (June 1986)
Writer: Frank Miller
Cover artists: Frank Miller, Lynn Varley

“Batman: Year One—Chapter One: Who I Am—How I Come to Be” – Batman #404 (February 1987)
Writer: Frank Miller
Artist: Dave Mazzucchelli

“Batman: The Killing Joke” (July 1988)
Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: Brian Bolland

“The Last Arkham (Part One)” – Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1 (June 1992)
Writer: Alan Grant
Cover artist: Brian Stelfreeze

“Knightfall Part 1: Crossed Eyes and Dotty Teas” – Batman #492 (May 1993)
Writer: Doug Moench
Cover artists: Kelley Jones, Bob LeRose

The Folio Collection’s announcement reads: “Created towards the end of the Great Depression by artist Bob Kane with writer Bill Finger, Batman is an icon as familiar as James Bond or Tarzan, one who has evolved to reflect the changing attitudes of the twentieth century,” said Folio Society Head of Editorial James Rose in a statement. “The stories selected for DC: Batman reveal how the character and his billionaire alter-ego Bruce Wayne gradually evolved from the dutiful crimefighter of the 1940s to a man possessed, as crazy as the criminals he puts away. The Caped Crusader faces a rogue’s gallery steeped in gothic horror, from the Weimar cinema-inspired The Joker to the Jekyll/Hyde figure of Two-Face and the Moriarty-like Ra’s al Ghul.”

With so many “Part 1’s” in the list above, this collection appears to be more for the aesthetically minded (showcasing a snapshot of stories and artwork from the different decades, rather than complete stories). Still, with artwork by Bob Kane, Neal Adams, Frank Miller and Brian Bolland, it’s certainly an appealing collection.

Following the success of “DC: The Golden Age” released by Folio Society last year, the new DC: Batman collection is priced at $100 and is scheduled to be available for purchase starting February 20, 2024.

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