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The FLCL Archives Now Available From Udon


Udon Entertainment has announced they’re bringing The FLCL Archives to America. The 248-page artbook, originally published in Japan, throughly covers the making of the landmark six episodes of FLCL’s first season (the two sequels that ran on Adult Swim last year are not covered). Inside you’ll find key promotional art, character and location designs, early proposal sketches, concept art, and illustrator notes.

This is the point in the newspost where I would summarize this series, but….I’ve watched FLCL three times and I still have no idea what’s going on. There’s this kid, and stuff comes out of his forehead, and a pink-haired alien girl arrives on a yellow Vespa to hit monsters a lot with her big guitar, but she might have sinister motives, and then the series turns into a static manga page for about five minutes, and it literally turns into South Park for one scene, and then there’s this giant iron, and….screw it, I’m reposting the official summary:

FLCL is a mesmerizing, 6-episode series told at a breakneck pace, featuring everything from giant, destructive robots, to a crazy, pink-haired, bass guitar wielding alien woman. Raising the bar to tell complex, fantastic stories in a short episodic run, FLCL’s continued impact on modern anime can still be seen today.

The FLCL Archives will carry an MSRP of $39.99, and should be out March 19 from Udon.

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