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The Final Season Of Kid Cosmic Premieres February 3

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“What — Kid Cosmic is almost over already? It just started!” If that’s what you’re thinking right now, you must be new to Netflix. Remember when the entirety of Kipo in the Age of Wonderbeasts was dumped onto the service within one year? That is the way around those parts. Family cartoons show up, say their business and then split.

In the case of Kid Cosmic, this was the plan all along. It was conceived as a limited series of just three seasons, and Season 3 is the most limited of them all at just six episodes. But what episodes they will be — packed with action and adventure! One interesting thing is that, according to creator Craig McCracken, work started on this season in March of 2020, meaning it was created entirely from within the animators’ homes.

As a recap, Kid Cosmic started out in the deserts of the Southwest where the titular Kid spent his days reading old comic books and dreaming of being a superhero. He got his chance when a few colorful rocks from space landed in his backyard. The stones gave hiim and his friends superpowers, but Kid quickly learned reality wasn’t as simple as his comics suggested.

In Season Two, Kid’s hometown was on a chunk of rock floating in space (due to how Season One ended) and the gang had to track down the remaining stones before a Thanos-like figure could collect them all….but he wasn’t the biggest threat; a superplanet that devours other planets loomed in the distance and was heading toward Earth! We won’t spoil how that season ends in case some of you haven’t seen it, but we will admit things obviously work out because life is considerably better for Kid and his friends in the Season 3 trailer.

Beyond what’s revealed in the trailer, we don’t know much about Season 3, other than what McCracken already mentioned about it. Before Season 2 debuted, he said that while Season One focused on Kid and Season Two revolved around Jo, Season 3 will be about Papa G. (If you were hoping for a season about Rosa or Tuna Sandwich, keep waiting.) The final season of Kid Cosmic premieres on Netflix February 3.