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The Dragon Ball Z Gang Is Now Selling Cars — In America


If Pokemon turning 20 wasn’t enough of a sign that you’re getting old, this surely is: Dragon Ball Z characters are appearing in commercials selling American cars. It’s a strange marriage of culture that hasn’t been seen since Speed Racer was driving a Volkswagen twenty years ago.


Krillin and Gohan are about to use the Dragon Balls to wish for….a Ford. Krillin sure knows a lot about this car, shouting out statistics like “EPA ESTIMATED 42 MILES PER GALLON!” Which begs the question of why they would be interested in anything with a power level that puny? The original Funimation voice actors supplied their pipes for this.

In this one, Goten and Trunks shout “FUUUUUU….SION!”…..and turn into a Ford Fusion. Makes sense.

DBZ fans, you’re officially old enough that car companies consider you a valuable demographic. Relish it before the Skylanders start appearing in these things and you REALLY feel old.