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The DC League Of Superpets: It’s A Thing

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DC Comics were the Kings Of Goofy during the Golden and Silver Age, introducing many strange ideas to keep the superhero genre humming under the boot of the Comics Code. One of many I could mention was the invention of the League of Superpets, which is what it sounds like. So Superman, Batman and some others own pets that also moonlight as superheroes too? Why the heck not?

Eventually more “serious” takes on the DCU became the normal flavor, and things like the Superpets were retired or Crisis-ed out of existence. But they still show up every now and then. Krypto the Superdog, in particular, has had a robust career outside of the Silver Age that continues next spring with the release of WB’s League of Superpets movie.

In this incarnation, Krypto takes an active role in saving Metropolis alongside Superman. The two are partners in crimefighting, and seem to be an unstoppable force until the day Supes is struck with a Kryptonite bullet and taken out of commission. And he’s not alone…Lex Luthor has figured out all the Justice League’s weaknesses and is shutting them down one by one. Soon only Krypto stands between him and domination of Metropolis…but that’s too much for one dog!

Krypto goes to work recruiting the other pets owned by the World’s Finest, such as Ace the Bathound, Batman’s pooch. Somehow, through a process the trailer doesn’t explain, they’re all able to obtain superpowers of their own — Krypto can already fly, but now Ace has superstrength, and this one pig can…grow.

Regarding the voice cast for League of Superpets, it’s an easy guess that Dwayne Johnson voices Krypto. And if he’s here, then Kevin Hart has to also be somewhere in it (indeed, he’s Ace). Natasha Lyonne is playing Merton, pet turtle of the Flash. Diego Luna plays Chip, a squirrel fed by Green Lantern, and Vanessa Bayer plays Wonder Woman’s faithful pig PB. The full cast of human characters hasn’t been revealed yet, but we do know John Krasinski is the voice of Superman and Mark Maron is Lex Luthor.

DC League Of Superpets will be released May 20, 2022 exclusively in theaters.