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The DC League Of Superpets Is Coming To Save Us All

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Wasn’t Warner Bros’ animated movie DC League Of Superpets due to come out by now? Almost…its originally announced release date, repeated in ad breaks throughout the Winter Olympics, was May 20. But it’s been pushed back, and will now show up at the end of July.

It’s a little-known fact that the Justice League are all pet owners. But they are. Superman and Batman have dogs, Wonder Woman pets a pig and the Flash keeps a turtle around for the sake of irony. It’s Superman’s pooch, Krypto, that sees the most action, because he has the same superpowers as his owner.

But then Lex Luthor (through his own pet) manages to strike Superman with a Kryptonite bullet and take him out of commission. And he won’t stop there…Lex has figured out all the Justice League’s weaknesses and is shutting them down systematically one by one. Soon only Krypto stands between him and domination of Metropolis…but that’s too much for one dog!

Krypto goes to work recruiting the other pets owned by the World’s Finest, such as Ace the Bathound, played by Kevin Hart, Flash’s turtle Merton, voiced by Natasha Lyonne, PB, Princess Diana’s pig, played by Vanessa Bayer, and Chip, a squirrel fed by Green Lantern and voiced by Diego Luna. Krypto himself is played by Dwayne Johnson. The human cast is led by John Krasinski as Superman, Keanu Reeves as Batman and Mark Maron as Lex Luthor.

It’s an interesting coincidence, by the way, that at the same time this movie comes out, DC Comics itself will be running an event in which the Justice League disappears (“Dark Crisis,” collect all the issues before your friends do). As far as we know, an alternate league of superpowered domestic animals does not rise to fill the void in that one. But we could be wrong.

DC League Of Superpets will be unleashed July 29 in theaters.