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The CW Provides First Look At Stargirl


Despite being less than six months away, no one had seen a single video or screenshot from DC’s upcoming Stargirl TV adaption until last night. During the aftershow Crisis On Infinite Earths: Aftermath, Geoff Johns was brought on to introduce the world premiere trailer. Johns not only serves as co-executive producer of the upcoming program, he created the Stargirl character in the comics.

A minute of Stargirly goodness flashed by, followed by host Kevin Smith way overselling it by declaring the trailer a better experience than the birth of his own daughter (ouch, poor Harley). If you missed the airing, the trailer is available to watch in full below:

We have to tell you The CW did something annoying by shrinking the trailer in its final 10 seconds so they could force you to look at their link boxes for other videos. There was no such idiocy in the TV airing, which we took the below screenshot from:

Most people don’t know who Stargirl is, so here’s the full story: a generation ago, there was once a superhero called Starman who wielded a powerful staff. After he retired, the staff disappeared, only to resurface in the attic of teenage Courtney, whose mother just remarried. Turns out her stepfather was the sidekick of Starman, and the staff has chosen Courney to continue his crusade against crime. Step-Pop now serves as her mentor.

Here’s the thing about Stargirl that weirdly wasn’t mentioned on Aftermath: it’s actually a DC Universe show, developed for that streaming service. A couple months ago it was decided that episodes of the series would premiere on The CW one day after they appear on DC Universe, and here they’re treating it as a full-fledged CW show. There is no mention of DC Universe in the trailer, not even a small logo.

Episodes of Stargirl begin airing this spring. One more thing: Stargirl is rumored to be making her first TV appearance on the final installment of Crisis On Infinite Earths, scheduled to air January 14 on The CW.