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The Crown Tundra DLC For Pokemon Sword and Shield Coming In October

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As promised, Nintendo has brought forth more information about Pokemon Sword and Shield and their expansion pass. To recap, Part 1, known as “The Isle Of Armor” is already available for you to own now for both Sword and Shield. However, the second part of it, The Crown Tundra, has been in development for some time. However, via the update video today, we now know the exact release date for Part 2 of the DLC.

You’ll be able to get The Crown Tundra for either Sword or Shield on October 23rd. This much more expansive DLC will allow you to not just capture all sorts of new Pokemon, but go on “Dynamax Adventures” that will allow you to capture all sorts of Pokemon as you journey through mighty mazes, and then, you’ll be able to go and capture legendary Pokemon from all the past generations! As well as get to experience new Pokemon and regional variants like the brand new Galarian SlowKing.

Furthermore, the Pokemon Company elaborated on the brand new Galarian Star Tournament that you are going to be able to participate in. This tag team tournament will feature trainers and gym leaders from your past. But in a twist, you’ll be able to choose who you partner with on your rise to the top! You can pick your favorite gym leader, or someone like Marnie, or even Leon!

As if that wasn’t enough, it was also revealed that on November 6th you’ll be able to get a special bundle edition of Pokemon Sword and Shield that’ll include both parts of the Expansion Pass! Perfect for those who have not gotten the main game yet.

Finally, the Pokemon Company revealed that the link between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home will happen this year, and when you transfer from one game to the other you’ll get a special Mystery Gift Pokemon. Details in the video.