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The Clone Wars Came Back Because Of Fan Desire

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When Star Wars The Clone Wars came out as an animated movie, people weren’t impressed. When the television series came to Cartoon Network, people weren’t impressed, at first. Then, the show built up the stories, built up the characters, and over the course of 5 seasons, the show became one of the most important things in the Star Wars universe. Then, when Disney bought up Lucasfilm, the show was canceled.

However, it did come back in an “unfinished” form via the “lost episodes” that were put on Netflix, but that still didn’t feel like the capper fans needed. Now, in a few months, The Clone Wars Season 7 will debut, and as Kathleen Kennedy noted in an interview with the LA Times, it’s because of the fans that it happened:

“It does matter what they say and what they care about,” Kennedy said. “All of those things play a role in our decision making.”

This upcoming season though WILL be the end of the story, but at least it’ll be a definitive ending.