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The Big Luca Trailer Surfaces From The Sea


Today was the day Pixar decided to release the official trailer for Luca, their tropical buddy comedy due out this June. As we’ve covered before, Luca is about two friends who live around the Italian coast and who turn into squid-children whenever they get wet.

Until now, we weren’t sure which one of them was Luca. (It’s the shy one.) The teaser released in February also gave us the assumption that Luca was a normal human from the village who somehow BECAME a sea monster due to his friend doing some weird magic thing, but this trailer reveals they were in fact BOTH born sea monsters, and what we’re seeing is Luca’s first adventure on land.

He’s not supposed to go up there, even though he wants to. His mother is the King Triton of this story and FORBIDS HIM TO INTERACT WITH THOSE HUMANS but his BFF Alberto tells him not to listen to her. Alberto has been on land plenty of times and is pretty nonchalant about that fact. He’s willing to teach Luca what he knows about the ways of the surface dwellers, if Luca can muster the courage to swim up.

They’re able to pass as normal children in the village of Portorosso, but as literal fish out of water, they can’t help but stand out now and then, especially Luca. Despite the awkwardness, they make friends with Giulia, a young girl from the village, and it’s her kitchen they’re in when Luca does that spit take from the teaser.

Luca is being produced by Andrea Warren, who was previously involved with Cars 3 and the Lava short before Inside Out. The film’s director is Enrico Casarosa, who boarded for Ratatouille and was previously responsible for the Pixar short La Luna which ran before Brave. He also grew up on the Riviera and calls Luca a “deeply personal story.

Luca will be released exclusively as a Disney+ attraction June 18. Maybe someday, we can see a Pixar film in a theater again…a man can dream.