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The Batmobile Is Getting Its Own Series


The opening sequence to Teen Titans Go To The Movies becomes more and more prophetic with each passing year. For those unfamiliar, Robin sits in a theater and becomes increasingly more agitated as every ancillary and insignificant Batman-related character gets its own movie except him. He’s subjected to a trailer for a solo Alfred adventure, and the TV series Pennyworth was announced a few months later. Now the Batmobile — yes, the literal Batmobile — is being given a series. Where will it end?

Warner Bros Animation has announced Batwheels for HBO Max and the early hours of Cartoon Network. How do you give an inanimate object its own series anyway? Well, if you haven’t already figured it out, it won’t be inanimate at all. The Batmobile will talk, drive itself down the street, and have its own personality. Wayne Tech has really become advanced since the last Batman series, eh?

The sentient Batmobile will be joined by a living Batwing, Batgirl’s motorcycle, and even a Bat-Truck (we’re not sure who drives that one…Batman’s little-used sidekick Drunkman maybe). And they all have actual names….the motorcycle’s name is Bibi, the Batwing is called Jett and the Batmobile actually goes by Barn (Barn?).

So what are we looking at here? Do Batman, Robin and Batgirl exist in this universe and do things off-camera? Or is this a Cars universe where everything and everyone is inexplicably vehicular? (Cars is an obvious inspiration here anyway.) We’re guessing the former, actually, because the press release says the cars work “alongside Batman, Robin, Batgirl and a host of DC Super Heroes.ā€¯ Will we SEE them, though, or will it just be cars 24/7?

Ask your kids, or little brother. This show is being made for young children and is unlikely to hold any appeal for anyone older than 7. Batwheels will premiere on HBO Max and CN at an unspecified time.