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The Batman Video Reel Shows Off Pattinson’s Batsuit

The Batman

To say that there is a lot of anticipation for The Batman, the next film starring the Dark Knight and featuring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman, is an understatement. There are a LOT of people who want to see this movie, and when it came time to reveal (at least in part) the Batsuit for the movie, Director Matt Reeves had a very unique way of doing so.

He put it on Twitter via a video real:

Now, obviously, the suit is not seen in a perfect light, and in fact the lighting is VERY red, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t see a good deal of detail on it including part of the cowl (minus the ears of course) and the Bat-logo that adorns his chest.

Ironically, because of the way it was shown, a lot of people likened it to the Daredevil suit that was made for the Netflix series that ran 3 seasons.  And in certain ways, it very much is similar to that outfit, though obviously it is still a Batman outfit.

Certain details have been pointed out about the suit, including how the Bat symbol appeared to be made from a gun. Or specifically, gun parts. This is has never been canon to our knowledge, but it would seen as though Batman has taken the gun that Joe Chill used to kill his parents and turned it into the symbol. Many fans noting that this is an “eternal reminder” of why he doesn’t use guns.

Fans have also been trying to dissect the style of the Batsuit, likening parts of it to the Arkham Asylum video games, while others feel it has an Adam West feel in regards to the cowl.

It’s unknown when we’ll see the first true (non-red light) look at the Batsuit. But we do know that The Batman is filming now and is set to release in 2021.