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The Batman Gets Shot-For-Shot LEGO Animation Trailer

The Batman

Many fans were dealt a major blow when it was revealed that due to the pandemic, The Batman was going to be delayed until 2022. But, even in spite of that, fans are still very much eagerly awaiting the arrival of the film. So much so that some have been dedicating months of their life to showing their appreciation of it in various ways. For Youtuber Youtuber Joebor1777, this meant going and recreating the now-famous trailer for the film…in LEGO form. Oh yes, this happened.

Now, if you think you’ve seen things like this before, it’s because you have. But it was usually just one scene or a splicing of LEGO movie footage to try and recreate the feel. But Youtuber Joebor1777 went and did a literal shot-for-shot recreation of it and it took two months and 12 animators to do. That shows just how much they wanted to make this feel right.

As you can see, this is rather impressive, truly nailing the shots of the trailer for The Batman while also making sure that the various characters (who no doubt had to be custom-made in certain cases) looked like their counterparts.

It’s this kind of animation that really shows you how much fans love these movies and want to represent them in a variety of ways. And we’re sure Matt Reeves would appreciate just how far these fans went to recreate the feel of not just the trailer, but Gotham City itself.

Of course, the real thing that fans want is more glimpses of the film. But that won’t be likely for a while due to delays in production because of the pandemic, as well as its new release date. But, it’s very likely that more news will come eventually as the layers of Matt Reeves potential epic come to light.