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The Animaniacs Trailer We’ve Been Waiting For


The first 13 episodes of Hulu’s Animaniacs reboot will premiere in precisely one month, and we finally have a trailer. Not just a video of the voice actors talking, but a REAL trailer, full of jokes, puns, and implied slacks in baloney. It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for since 2018: here is some genuinely new material from the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister):

Our observations…

  • The woman with the square glasses is the replacement for either Thaddeus Plotz, Dr. Otto Scratchansniff or both. It’s been confirmed that neither will appear in the new series.
  • From the clips we can guess there will be a short in the first season about Homer’s Odyssey, and some kind of anime riff animated by Studio Trigger. It’s clearly their style, behold:


  • Yogi Bear appears in a crowd shot during the main title (he’s impossible to miss). The original show could not use Yogi Bear because WB didn’t own the Hanna-Barbera library yet. Instead they used a parody, Calhoun Capybara.
  • After Animaniacs ended, executive producer Tom Ruegger pitched a series to Cartoon Network called “Mixed Nuts” that used classic Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera characters at the same time. The exec he pitched to loved the concept so much he was willing to greenlight it on the spot. One week later that exec was replaced by a new exec, who tossed out Tom’s idea. Hollywood is fickle like that.
  • Case in point, neither Ruegger nor any other writer for the original series was involved with the new Animaniacs, nor were they even contacted. Though what we’ve seen so far looks pretty on-point, we’re still kinda bitter about this snub. This also means that Slappy Squirrel won’t be appearing, as she is original head writer Sherri Stoner’s creation and voice.
  • The alt-right HAS noticed the Trump cyclops in the Odyssey parody and they have commenced whining “the original Animaniacs was never political,” an alternative fact that ignores the 10,000 Bill Clinton jokes in the first series — one was right there in the theme song.
  • A clip was released prior to this that is reportedly the cold open to the first episode. If you missed it when it was going around, here it is again:

Animaniacs returns on Hulu November 20.