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The Animaniacs Reboot Is Already Praised By Fans and Critics


It seems like every year or so now there is a reboot or sequel series being put on by a network or streaming service. At times, it’s just a money grab, at times, it’s aimed to truly continue what came before, and for one very zany to the max series, it’s time to come back because there’s just so much to make fun of. Yes, we speak of the Animaniacs series. The show that came steam-rolling into our lives in the 90s and has transcended pop culture is back on Hulu.

The show was announced a while back and 2 seasons are guaranteed, and season 1 is out now in full for people to watch. The show brings back the Warner Bros and the Warner Sister Dot as well as Pinky and the Brain as their lynchpins for the reboot, and have also brought in some new characters and acts to make things feel a bit more fresh.

Though in true Animaniacs fashion, they don’t hold back on making fun of everything and anything that has come out in the last 2 decades since their “death” in 1999 and are easily going to have even more fun in Season 2. Some of the references that have leaked onto the internet are an epic anime sequence, Leroy Jenkins, Presidential elections, and so much more.

Fans have already binged the first season in bulk and their responses have shown that the team behind the legendary franchise haven’t lost a step.

As if that wasn’t enough, the show is doing great reviews-wise on Rotten Tomatoes, both in the critics-based Tomatometer (84-percent) and then the Audience Score (93-percent).

So as you can see, this reboot is off to a great start, and this is just round one that was more or less made in 2019 and early 2020. Season 2 of the reboot will come next year and have even more pop culture references and insanity that will show just why this show should’ve never been taken down in the first place.