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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Remote” Recap


When the Wattersons each want to watch a TV show at 8:00 PM, a mad race begins to claim the TV remote as quickly as possible in order to secure viewing rights. However, Richard’s decision to hide the remote – which is then lost – soon complicates things.

I was somewhat cautious going into the second season of The Amazing World of Gumball. You never really know what you’re going to get, especially since it was announced early on that changes were made to the show’s character designs in order to make them easier to animate. However, I am fully content with how the show now looks. The characters do have thicker outlines, among other changes, but this episode looked amazing on numerous fronts and it’s a testament to the crew that works on it. I can see why Cartoon Network decided to air this one as their sneak peek. It started off a bit slow, but its action scenes that built up to the climax were arguably the best that the show has ever done. The show’s visual style is its biggest asset and this episode didn’t disappoint. It used some great visual effects, such as Gumball’s suicide mission to – gasp – get off of the couch and try to change the channel manually. If these are representative of what is to come in season two, then these changes can only be a good thing. Even the lighting in this episode seemed top-notch.

But while its visuals should be lauded, the writers and storyboarders deserve props as well. Throughout the first season, there were those who criticized how episodes were handled and I know I had my fair share of criticism, but this episode was solid. I’ve always said that my favorite episodes were the ones that got the whole family involved, and this one did just that. It allowed each character to play to their strengths. Darwin and Gumball continue to be downright adorable with their naïveté, such as when they went to Butt Mountain, and Richard – while still being lazy – did some cool things and his fluent Spanish shows that he’s got some hidden talents. Nicole once again showed why she is my favorite character, with those ninja moves she pulled during the fight scene and subsequent chase. Anais…well, I love what they did with her. I said in my earlier recaps that she needed to become something more than just the know-it-all sister, and giving her a mischievous side would accomplish that. Here they gave her that and then some, showing that she can be ruthlessly cunning to get what she wants.

I loved this episode and I’m stoked to see the actual premiere next week. This episode reminded me of why I’m a fan of this show, something that tends to get lost during the long hiatus between seasons. Hopefully the new timeslot works out well for Gumball and it can get one or two more seasons before the end, just as Adventure Time and Regular Show have been going for multiple seasons.