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The Amazing World Of Gumball Is Back — For Real This Time

The Amazing World of Gumball The Password
Gumball and Darwin try to figure out the computer password.

For many years, Ben Bocquelet’s The Amazing World Of Gumball had to live in the shadow of larger hits. Though it premiered around the same time, Gumball was considered an also-ran while heavy hitters Adventure Time and Regular Show soaked up the spotlight. But Gumball kept going. It lived past the end of those shows, as well as the birth and death of comrades Uncle Grandpa and Clarence. It watched landmark shows like Steven Universe blossom, grow, and then vanish. It even weathered the dominating force that was (and still is) Teen Titans Go.

Gumball is now the tortoise at the end of the race, standing victorious as one of CN’s most durable programs. It has been in reruns for three years and yet its six seasons continue to repeat on the channel’s schedule, attracting a steady audience as if they were new. There is still, clearly, an appetite for more Gumball — a hunger CN has attempted to clumsily satiate with clip show specials.

But the drought is coming to an end. We’ve known Bocquelet has been working on an Amazing World Of Gumball movie for several months, but today CN confirmed it once and for all, and added a surprise: after the movie is complete, the show is returning with new episodes! As an unspecified blue cat would say, “What the what?”

The revived series will mark the relaunch of CN’s European studio under its new (yet old) name, Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe. It’s got a logo they smashed Gumball into like Play-Doh. That’s gotta hurt:

Have no fear: the same creative team, with Bocquelet at its head, will reassemble to tell new stories. The events of the movie will set the stage for the state of Gumball’s world in the relaunch. See what hints you can glean from the official description…

Staying true to its self-referential and meta comedic roots that endeared The Amazing World of Gumball to fans around the world, the movie begins when Gumball’s biggest fan finds the show’s missing episode and accidentally opens a portal connecting his world to Gumball’s cartoon world. Upon meeting his heroes, our super fan decides to team up with Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Richard and Nicole to save them from a nefarious force overtaking Elmore, while inadvertently unleashing a threat of their very own. Utilizing the latest animation techniques and CG technology, the movie promises to be both a comedic, emotional, and epic conclusion for fans of the original series and a new beginning in establishing the world for the accompanying series.

The Amazing World of Gumball is still one of the most intelligent and sharply written “kids” shows on television and we’re psyched to have it back. We’ll have more information on the movie and the relaunch as info is revealed.