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That Was Fast: Watch The Bob’s Burgers Movie Trailer

The Bob's Burgers Movie

It seems like only yesterday we were complaining that there wasn’t enough information out there about 20th Century’s The Bob’s Burgers Movie. Actually, come to think of it, it WAS yesterday and we based an entire post on the movie description which had just been released. They followed that up today with the trailer we wanted, forcing us to produce a second post with mostly repeated details. Don’t blame us, 20th gave no warning about this.

As we said earlier, The Bob’s Burgers Movie takes place during the beginning of summer when the Belchers are looking forward to the fresh rush of customers heading to the shoreline. But as their notorious bad luck would have it, that’s when a water main breaks underground, creating a massive sinkhole right in front of the restaurant. With the way in (and out) completely blocked, it’s up to the kids to solve the mystery of what’s truly going on while Bob and Linda try desperate measures to save their business.

Thanks to the trailer, we get to see what those desperate measures involve. Linda dressing in a giant burger costume may or may not be part of it (this is the kind of thing she would do anyway) but one of their ideas is to “go mobile” by creating a food cart van. There are a couple of glimpses of the van in the trailer below, along with a lot of other surreal images that could be real, could be dream sequences out of Tina’s head, or could be musical sequence footage. You decide!

The Bob’s Burgers Movie, a “musical-comedy-mystery adventure,” is currently set for release May 27, 2022. All the voice actors from the TV series (save Jay Johnson) will reprise their roles and the movie is directed by Bernard Derriman and creator Loren Bouchard, from a script written by Bouchard and Nora Smith.


  1. Maybe you shouldn’t have mentioned Jay Johnston at all. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have Googled to figure out what exactly happened. If you mention it, then you should have explained it. Best not to mention it in the first place.

  2. I didn’t read the previous article, and you can’t assume everyone will read it either! I don’t read every article that’s posted. I pick and choose what I want to read, and you should assume not everyone will read every article!

  3. Also, check out the number of views this article has compared to the previous one about the movie. 8 times more people read this article vs. the previous one, so I’m NOT the only one who didn’t read the previous article! Again, you can’t assume people will read both articles consecutively. It’s not a good assumption.