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Tetsuya Nomua Teasing New Kingdom Hearts Title For Switch?


The Kingdom Hearts franchise is one is infinitely complex in both its story…and its game releases. Because every game released, big or small, has a certain part to play in the overall narrative. Which is why Square Enix and lead creator Tetsuya Nomura went and made the games on a variety of consoles. For example, the first two “Main titles” in the line were on the PS2, but, before the second main title, a Game Boy Advance game was made called Chain of Memories that furthered the story in various ways. Then, after KH2 there was Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, 358/2 Days, Re: Coded and more that released on various platforms before the third “main title” came out.

Nintendo fans have been privy to many key entries of the Kingdom Hearts saga, and yet when KH3 came out, the Switch wasn’t able to get it, which angered many. Especially when it was announced that a “lesser” title was coming via the soon to arrive “Melody Of Memory” which is a rhythm game that apparently has some importance to the overall story. The reason we’re mentioning this is that creative director Tetsuya Nomura did an interview with Nintendo Dream (translated by Nintendo Everything) and they noted that it was rare for him to do an interview with them on a KH title that he helped make for a Nintendo platform. His reply?

I’m sure I’ll be back in the not too distant future.

That’s very curious indeed. Because you’d think that Melody of Memory would be the end of things, but perhaps it’s not. Then again, it’s possible that he was just referencing a general game in the future that he’s aiming to bring to Switch, so it’s hard to say which is which.

If it is another Kingdom Hearts title like a Chain of Memories or Dream Drop Distance, that would be huge for the system, but only time will tell when this potential major title will be announced and released.