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Terrain Changes To Happen Instantly In Civ VI


In Civilization, how you use workers and builders in the game is vital. In previous Civilization games, the work was done over turns. Now, in Civ VI, the work will be much, much, faster. As builders and what they do on terrain will be done in an instant rather than over time:

“It’s streamlined the game for us in a really good way,” says Lead Designer Ed Beach to IGN, explaining the thinking behind the change. “You don’t really want to have someone sitting on a tile for six or eight turns and then have them wake up, and you don’t really remember what they were doing.” Additionally, Beach says the limited uses created balance improvements. “Players playing on a high difficulty found that stealing workers from another civ or a city state was a great strategy, because they were around for the rest of the game. With charges, they’re not around long, so it’s not worth it.”

Also, automation has been eliminated from the workers abilities in Civ VI. So that more detail and thought process can go into their use:

“To some extent, automation is a sign that your game design is weak,” he says. “Hitting the automate button and then not looking at that unit, there are no interesting decisions at all there.”

Civilization VI arrives on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 21st.