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Tekken 7 Could be the Franchise’s Best Entry Yet

Tekken 7

Tekken is back for the latest entry in the mainline numbered franchise with Tekken 7. The first Tekken game made its debut in the arcades all the way back in 1994. Now, Tekken 7 is here, and it looks like it could be one of the best editions of the fighting series ever. Players will once again be able to join in and throw down for the King of the Iron Fist Tournament.

With new photo-realistic graphics and gameplay powered by Unreal Engine 4, Tekken 7 certainly looks like it could be one of the best iterations of the series from a graphical perspective. Not to to mention producer Katsuhiro Harada previously mentioned on Twitter that the PlayStation 4 version of the game would run on 1080p and 60fps. Hopefully, those graphic claims are consistent with the final product and players won’t have to worry about graphics degradation of frame rate drops, but that certainly sounds promising.

Tekken 7

The developers certainly aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here. The Tekken franchise has always been well known for its 3D battle system and gameplay. Those aspects will remain consistent for the new edition. But, there are still going to be some new features and mechanics for players as well. Some of these new aspects include new battle mechanics such as the Rage Arts, the Rage Drives, and Power Crushes. Per Bandai Namco, the hope with these new techniques is to make gameplay for Tekken 7 accessible to all types of players, no matter their skill level.

Regarding the new Rage Arts, these are powerful new attacks that are unique to each fighter. They will give player the opportunities to launch a very powerful attack when their health is low and possibly steal back some lost momentum and still somehow win the fight. When a fighter’s health bar glows red, the Rage Arts attack is ready to be executed. If players can connect with their Rage Arts attack, they can possibly stage a dramatic comeback and steal victory from the jaws of defeat.

For the Power Crush attacks, Polygon reports that these are special moves for fighters that can’t be broken or interrupted. So, the player using their Power Crush move will still get to finish the move, even if their opponents hits them in the middle of it. However, fighters executing their Power Crush moves can still somehow take some damage. That’s definitely an interesting new wrinkle to Tekken’s overall combat system.

Tekken 7

Besides the Rage Arts, players will also have the Rage Drive moves at their disposal. With the Rage Drive, players can use their fighter to deliver a series of consecutive attacks or a single attack with a high level of damage. Players who successfully execute the Rage Drive will know they have done so because their fighter will then be enveloped by a blue aura of energy during its execution. However, a fighter’s Rage Drive colliding with another fighter’s Rage Art attack will cause both of them to cancel out. Like the Rage Arts, using the Rage Drive consumes “Rage” energy. A failure to execute the Rage Drive will also end in Rage energy being lost.

Per the Sony PlayStation Blog, another interesting new change to the overall gameplay is the addition of interactive cut scenes for the fights. This will take the form of when a fighter has a low amount of health, the battle will start to slow down during the dramatic blow. This will reinforce that the blow will be a fight-ending strike. Additionally, there will be sequences in story mode where specific moments will actually break into cut scenes. Players will have to be on their toes in these moments, and they will require quick decision making to avoid extra damage. Based on the description, this sounds like something similar, but also different, from Quicktime Event type sequences. This could definitely add a new level of depth to the overall experience.

One of the best parts of about the Tekken franchise has always been its willingness to open the franchise up to guest characters from other media properties or even other game series. This time around, the guest character is longtime Street Fighter heavy, Akuma. Akuma will be in the game as a playable character, and players will even get to experience playing Akuma in a 3D setting. Additionally, Akuma will still have all of his trademark moves and fireballs, which is pretty awesome. So, Akuma having some ranged attacks might give him some nice advantages over other characters. Besides Akuma, the fighter roster for Tekken 7 will blend both old and new fighters, and it will have the depth of over 30 playable characters; all of whom have their own unique set of techniques, martial arts moves and combos.

Tekken 7

Another major milestone is that Tekken 7 will mark the final chapter of the Mishima Blood Saga. The Mishima Clan has been embroiled in a family feud and warfare for up to 20 years. As of now, the Mishima Clan is seeking to settle some of its oldest scores and also seek domination over a worldwide empire. This feud has put the balances of the world powers in jeopardy, and that’s where Tekken 7 essentially picks up.

Overall, it appears the new Tekken fighting game will have a nice mix of fighting styles and new mechanics to go along with the classic 3D fighting combat players have come to know and love for over two decades. Not to mention, it appears the game will have a nice amount of depth between the Versus modes and the new Story Mode as well. Tekken 7 finally hits the shelves on June 2. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox one and Windows PC. For more information on Tekken 7, visit the official website.