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Teen Titans Go Vs. Teen Titans Confirmed To Be In Production


Remember how Teen Titans Go To The Movies ended? Not the actual ending, but the post-credits sequence where it was implied the original 2004 Teen Titans still existed and were trapped somewhere. It raised immediate questions…were they really returning?

And if so, in what form? Would they appear in a second movie? A crossover TV special? Or would an actual Season 6 of Teen Titans be produced, likely for that DC Universe streaming doohickey? We may have gotten our answer this morning.

The following sequence is reportedly from the Teen Titans Go To The Movies Blu-Ray, which is scheduled to come out next week. It teases something called “Teen Titans Go Vs. Teen Titans” but isn’t specific beyond playing snippets of both their theme songs…and Cyborg shouting “THIS is GONNA BE GOOD!” (I hope so.)

Out of all the possibilities, it’s least likely that it’s a trailer for a second theatrical movie….they would not be able to slap one together that fast even with the cheap animation used for the film. A TV movie, maybe. Teasers like this don’t typically appear on a disc unless there are plans for the project to get a disc of its own.

The most amusing thing I’m observing from all this: you can still hear the singing voices of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi on Cartoon Network after fourteen years. Who could’ve predicted that?

Teen Titans Go Vs. Teen Titans has no current release date.