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Teen Titans Go To The Movies: The BIG Trailer


We’ve had Black Panther and Infinity War, but where’s the REAL superhero movie event of 2018? You know what I’m talking about, and surely you all agree with me….where are the despicable slackers that currently make up the cartoon version of the Teen Titans?

I might as well admit it…this trailer for Teen Titans Go To The Movies got me to laugh. Like, a lot. They actually got pretty close to Deadpool-trailer-quality guffaws with this. The fact that WB is allowing the writers to fillet their own shortcomings so blatantly should be applauded (they not only slam the Green Lantern movie, they put the clip of them doing so in the trailer). If the actual movie can maintain this kind of tone consistently, we could have a winner. My only real complaint is that the animation is barely better than what we’d see in a TV episode.

Teen Titans Go To The Movies stars the voice cast of the show, plus Kristen Bell as a big Hollywood producer, Nic Cage as Superman (finally) and Will Arnett as Slade. Arnett, also billed as a producer on the movie, told EW.com “Slade is sort of a longtime nemesis of the Teen Titans. Slade hasn’t really figured prominently in the series Teen Titans Go! yet so we kind of thought this would be a good opportunity to kind of lean into that a little bit and investigate that relationship.”

They’ve dominated the Cartoon Network schedule (and how) and now they’re about to take over the movies. Soon, Teen Titans Go To The Movies will be the only thing you can watch at the theater! It will be fifteen screens playing the “Waffles” episode and maybe one playing something else. The children demand it! The flick opens July 27.