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Teen Titans Go See Space Jam On June 20

teen titans go see space jam

The Teen Titans are always consistent. No matter what episode or season you tune in to, Robin will always be a wet blanket, Starfire will always speak without contractions, and most relevant to this article, they will always shamelessly promote whatever Warner Bros happens to be selling that month.

In the past they’ve tried to convince us to watch the Powerpuff Girls reboot (nope) and tried to get us to notice Thundercats Roar existed (to no avail). In a few days they’ll be palling up with the DC Super Hero Girls in an effort to get more eyeballs on the Lauren Faust action-comedy (hopefully this one works because it does deserve more attention). And next month on Father’s Day, they’ll be watching Space Jam, suspiciously just before WB releases their sequel.

The Nerdlucks are invading Titans Tower! If you recall, they were the pint-sized aliens who bulked up into the Monstars once they stole the talent of the best basketall stars the mid-90s had to offer. Now they’ve arrived to steal the Titans’ powers — interrupting the Jordan/Bugs movie they were watching in the process! Will the team let them get away with it? Totally…it was even their idea.

While the Titans are dealing with that, they’ll be providing commentary on Space Jam. As anyone who’s seen the 2018 TTG feature film knows, the Titans can be merciless with their satire, and we don’t imagine they’re going to let the stranger elements of the 1996 film go unmocked.

So if you were thinking about rewatching the original Jam before the LeBron version hits, why not do it with some animated friends? Teen Titans Go See Space Jam will air as a two-hour special on Cartoon Network June 20, and be made available digitally as a stand-alone product July 27. Space Jam: A New Legacy will premiere a few days before then on July 16.