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Teen Titans Go! …To The Big Screen

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How much bigger can the Teen Titans get? That depends on the size of your local cineplex….what awaits audiences in the now-confirmed TTG feature movie?

For a while Warner Bros. has left a blank space in their 2018 schedule, something set to premiere next June. Now we know what it is. A short article on the website Deadline, mostly about the confirmation of a date for the sequel to Stephen King’s IT, slipped this little fact into the last sentence:

In addition, Warner Bros. announced today that the untitled animation film on June 1 next year has moved to July 27 and is now known as Teen Titans Go!

This news will likely be met with groans of pain from TTG’s army of haters, who can’t stand any sign of success from the goofy show. However, it was not unexpected. If Cartoon Network was going to make a movie, they would naturally pick their most popular property. At any rate, as the series has gone on, its number of detractors has been shrinking and a growing adult fanbase has been replacing them.

As for what happens in the TTG movie…Deadline offered no details beyond its confirmation and release date, and with a series as offbeat and random as this, it’s anybody’s guess what we’re in for. We don’t even know how long this movie has been in development, which could make the difference between a major animation bump or just a TV episode on a larger screen you have to rent with about 20 other people.

The night begins to shine July 27, 2018. To mark the occasion, Cartoon Network is launching a nonstop TTG marathon that will begin right now and end when the movie comes out in ten months.*

*Just a joke, calm down and breathe slowly