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Teen Titans GO and DC Super Hero Girls Crossover Trailer Arrives

Teen Titans Go, DC Super Hero Girls

Teen Titans Go has been a part of Cartoon Network for a LONG time now and they’ve had a lot of success (despite certain controversies over looks, depictions of characters and so on) including having a successful big-screen movie and several crossovers with various DC properties including the original Teen Titans, Young Justice, a “super hero feud” crossover special and more. And now, they’re going to crossover with another major DC Comics kids show in the DC Super Hero Girls.

Technically speaking, the Teen Titans Go and the DC Super Hero Girls met during the “super hero feud” crossover, but that was in a loose capacity. This is a full-on crossover with all the characters interacting as they go into a “Space-Cation” together. You know, like a vacation…in space? They’re even staying at a “Space House” which as you might guess isn’t all that you might think it is.

The first trailer for the crossover has arrived and it has all the things that you would expect from a crossover like this including hijinks, teases of big action, fun pairings of characters and more.

There’s a lot of interesting potential mash-ups that we can get here. Especially since there are now two Ravens, a version of Batgirl to team-up with Robin, a different Bumblebee to chat with Cyborg, and so on.

The fun of this crossover won’t be lost on fans of both properties as they’ve absolutely been a smash hit on Cartoon Network over the years. The DC Super Hero Girls have even gone so far as to get their own upcoming video game, graphic novels set in their version of the DC Comics universe, and more.

Plus, if this crossover is received well by fans, you can bet that there is going to be another.

The crossover arrives on Cartoon Network (with limited commercial interruptions) on May 6th.


  1. I thought it premiered last week, but you got the date wrong! It will premiere on MAY 31 and NOT May 5! How could you get the date wrong?! It premieres May 31 at 6:00 p.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network.