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The Teen Titans Give Nicolas Cage His Dream Role

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What’s the one role actor Nicolas Cage has been chasing his entire life? And which dysfunctional gang of superheroes just decided to grant his dream?

Nicolas Cage is a HUGE fan of Superman. His obsession goes beyond “collecting all the comic book issues” and into “naming his poor kid Kal-El.” And he lobbied hard to be cast in the lead role of Superman Lives, an aborted project from the late 90s that would have pitted Superman (Cage) against Brainiac. Rumor has it Jim Carrey was pushing just as hard for the villain role, which likely would have meant Brainiac prancing around and acting like the Joker. Combine this with the legendary Cage Rage and you would have the makings of….an easy Nostalgia Critic episode 15 years later. But none of those things happened.

Until today! Cage finally got the call from Warner Bros. to play Superman! And he owes it all to….the Teen Titans. Yup, USA Today reports the staff of Teen Titans Go To The Movies purposely cast Cage as the speaking voice of Superman. This will be the first time we hear Superman or any other big DC superhero in the TTG universe; though they have made many cameos on the show, they’ve never spoken.

Nic joins Will Arnett (as Deathstroke/Slade Wilson) and Kristen Bell as the big Hollywood director the Titans want to get to make themselves stars. Also revealed in casting today: rapper Lil Yachty (who?) as the Green Lantern, and singer/songwriter Halsey (who??) as Wonder Woman.

Teen Titans Go To The Movies, starring Nicolas Cage in his biggest role since Left Behind, opens July 27.