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Team Behind No Man’s Sky Teasing “Huge” New Game


There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from a video game company, and the history of video games has shown that there have been MANY mistakes made. One of which was made by Hello Games during the development of No Man’s Sky. The company promised a massive and expansive universe full of content, able to be done in multiplayer, and that you’d never get bored. The end product though was a massive universe…but one devoid of a lot of life and content, no multiplayer, and a lot of fan disappointment.

While it’s true Hello Games did go and fix a lot of what made No Man’s Sky so disappointing, it doesn’t stop what happened in the first place. Which admittedly makes them hesitant going forward with their future titles. They just released a small indie game called The Last Campfire, but now, they’re working on a new game that founder Sean Murray is calling “Huge”.

He told Polygon that he admits that they have to be cautious with what they do because of what happened with their previous title in terms of hype and expectations. Though he also admitted that because of where the game is now with a lot of updates, content and more, he’s kind of happy of where things ended up.

So what will this “ambitious” title of Hello Games be? Murray wouldn’t divulge anything, probably for safety more than anything else. Though you do have to wonder if it’s smart for them to go and make a “huge” and “ambitious” title given what happened to them. If they fail to live up to expectations again, it could seriously hurt their studio.

But, if they are truly unafraid, then it’s their right to go and make what they feel they can deliver on. Whatever it may be.