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Task Force Kampas Launches On Consoles


“Task Force Kampas” has launched on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to keep your ongoing lockdown days busy. [A PS Vita version is expected to launch later this year]


“Task Force Kampas” – the product of Spain-based developers Casiopea and Hong Kong-based Eastasiasoft Limited – is a visit back to the old-school arcade-style shoot’em up with some Japanese game elements tossed in along with new, modern mechanics and randomly generated stages with hand-crafted bosses. “Task Force Kampas” can be finished and won but players can find a way to continue past the ending and claim even higher scores.


The storyline in “Task Force Kampas” features a team of outcasts in the wrong place during an evil invasion. Now they must contain the breach, save their friends and defend the universe from corruption.

Unique risk-vs-reward mechanics allow you to boost your power by attacking or you can repair your ship by ceasing fire. Meanwhile, seemingly endless challenges and a variety of unlockables keep you occupied for more runs.

“Task Force Kampas” will be available for US$5.99/€5.99 on these dates:

  • May 5th: PS4™ Americas
  • May 6th: PS4™ Europe, Xbox One worldwide
  • May 7th: Nintendo Switch Americas/Europe, PS4™ Asia/Japan
  • May 14h: Nintendo Switch Japan
  • PS Vita version: Release date to be confirmed


A 20% launch discount will be available on select platforms and regions.

Key features include:

  • Randomized stages
  • Challenge a variety of hand-crafted bosses.
  • Numerous runs to try and claim the high score on a single credit.
  • Kill enemies to boost your power or stop shooting to repair your ship.
  • A techno/synthwave soundtrack
  • Unlock alternate color palettes and extreme difficulties.
  • Save the stranded cocos for unlimited happiness