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Talkin’ Bout Bugsnax — And Everything Else In The Sony State Of Play


Sony streamed a new State Of Play video this afternoon, and though they warned ahead of time there would be no new information about the Playstation 5, “new” actually meant no new games to reveal. We DID receive some new info about PS5 games that are public knowledge already, though most of the content and new trailers were about the PS4.

Some new info about Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time….the mask friends Crash and Coco meet will let them use their powers when applicable…one can slow down time, making rapidly descending platforms accessible, while another can phase blocks in and our of existence. We also learned that when you finish the game, the New Game+ mode will mirror each level and render them with a different filter and visual style. Oh yeah, and there’s a level where you get to play as Dingodile.

For at least a decade, Sony hasn’t had much luck with family-oriented exclusives on the Playstation…they either get completely ignored, or become a joke meme like Knack did. Bugsnax is the first E-rated Playstation property we’ve seen in a while where the buzz is positive and there’s genuine curiosity for it. Today we learned a bit more about how this game plays…seems like some kinda first-person Ape Escape where you set traps to catch googly-eyed edibles.

There have been a lot more open-world adventure games lately. Unlike Horizon or Breath of the Wild, though, this one doubles as an eagle petting simulator.

Braid is back! The classic, influential indie platformer has been given a new coat of paint, and this version is NOT a Playstation exclusive…it’s coming early 2021 to everything, including computers running Linux.

Here’s another “what the heck” kind of trailer, for a game where you play as one of those stick people that appear on safety signs or labels for bathrooms.

We don’t quite know what this is yet, but it looks incredibly friggin’ cool.

Sony topped things off with an extensive look at the gameplay of Gearbox Software’s confrontational loot shooter Godfall, a PS5 launch title. Launcher titles tend to either become classics or completely and utterly forgotten — there’s no middle ground. Is Godfall the next Halo, or the next Rise: Son Of Rome?