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"Pig Eat Ball" will launch on major consoles on October 18, 2019.   On its surface, "Pig Eat Ball" is a straightforward video game of eating everything in sight, getting fat doing so, subsequently getting stuck in various things because...
The release date for "Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair" is October 8, 2019 - when you can collect all 62 tonics...   https://youtu.be/IixRx7IoXuc  
In "Dusk Diver" , you can chase the enemy whole stole the Bagua Mirror, find the one responsible for the flood or, best of all, investigate abnormality...   https://youtu.be/f5Yj6Tm7P-M  
The official announce trailer for "Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Breakpoint" - which is due to be released on October 4, 2019...   https://youtu.be/BLWt9MQLVgU  
The latest episode in Clash-A-Rama, Clash of Clans' animated series, has an executioner hit by a clone spell...   https://youtu.be/7mPbPLbVfoc  
The launch trailer for "Red Dead Redemption 2" has been launched - but you will have to wait until October 26, 2018 for the real deal...   https://youtu.be/h6k532Y7jK8  
The combat VR game "Evasion" is set for an October 9, 2018 release - at which time you can pulverize all the Optera...   https://youtu.be/1vLhw6SZP0M  
In "Stranded Deep", you have survived a plane crash, dodged some sharks and made your way to a deserted island but you do not have any volleyballs - what do you do now? Find out on October 9, 2018...   https://youtu.be/JgZRyS7XUXs  
The official "The Company" trailer for "Battlefield 5" - due out worldwide on October 19, 2018 - and allows you to assemble a customized collection of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles, create specialized combat roles for each soldier in your Company, while...
The LEGO DC Super Villains have all the fun in Metropolis in this announce trailer for the game due out on October 16, 2018...   https://youtu.be/-3WGanfOwMU