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There is plenty of time to play video games now that nearly everybody is self-quarantined in their homes due to coronavirus and what better way to pass the time away than playing "Art's Dream" - one of the signature...
In "Dusk Diver" , you can chase the enemy whole stole the Bagua Mirror, find the one responsible for the flood or, best of all, investigate abnormality...   https://youtu.be/f5Yj6Tm7P-M  
In the Gamescom 2019 gameplay trailer for "Whipseey and the Lost Atlas", a boy named Alex changes himself into a creature named Whipseey and visits a strange world where he must find a Lost Atlas if he...
The gameplay overview trailer for "GreedFall" lays out some of your options for your combats and quests when it arrives on September 10, 2019...   https://youtu.be/6UCMZldBGpM  
If "Asteroids" and Star Wars had a child - and Battlestar Galactica was the milkman - then the result would likely be "Subdivision Infinity DX", due to be released on August 8, 2019...   https://youtu.be/2OCbf4zseIY  
"NBA 2K20" arrives on September 6, 2019 - which is when you can play Davis and LeBron, Zion and maybe even Tacko Fall, if somebody has done their homework...   https://youtu.be/iFPWdc3PMBk  
It's the gameplay trailer for "Tetsumo Party" - now available on PlayStation 4 - just remember to keep your pants on...   https://youtu.be/8NDWyZBTsa4  
Take a "Journey to the Savage Planet" where you can frolic playfully in the grass in this gameplay trailer and...uh-oh, wait a minute...what is that thing?   https://youtu.be/jHa6G-skppk  
You got a massive shotgun with unlimited ammunition, a heavily armored skullface walking suit, some dancing sperm and killer fleas, what else do you need from the "Valfaris" gameplay trailer?   https://youtu.be/758YGA4Rp3Y  
Who wouldn't want giant dinosaurs with lasers ? They will be available on August 6, 2019 on "Age of Wonders: Planetfall"...   https://youtu.be/UM3tDEriuuc