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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Brings Amazing RPG Action to Mobile


Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is now available for players who want to take their fandom of SAO to the next level. The new mobile online RPG from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. enables gamers to create their own personal hero and avatar for the Sword Art Online universe. This hero may encounter and change the entire shape and scope of the main Sword Art Online story. On top of that, Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is free-to-play.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor features an original story set within the universe of the anime series. Players assume the role of their own self-created protagonist character. This character was a former Sword Art Online beta tester who became trapped within the game after its official launch. Players are joined in the game by their partner, who is Koharu. The game’s central heroine, Koharu is another former Sword Art Online beta tester who never played a major VR game before Sword Art Online. After learning combat from the protagonist during the beta test, they made a promise to each other to meet again after the official launch.

Together, the player’s hero and Koharu band together to become heroes in Sword Art Online. Essentially, players team up to become part of assault team with other players who have also been trapped in the Sword Art Online world. The player’s group must conquer Aincrad, defeat various breeds of monsters, accomplish challenging quests and clear raids.

What makes Sword Art Online: Integral Factor more ambitious than your typical mobile game is that it’s a true online RPG. Not only is the game world presented in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor immersive, but it’s also a global online multiplayer experience. Essentially, players can join with other gamers across the world and form groups. Together, they can battle the game’s impressive boss battles to overcome Aincrad.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor has a great level of immersion since it returns to one of the best parts of the Sword Art Online story arc. Many famous scenes and settings from the original light novel and anime series have been brought to life within the game. However, the game introduces a lot of new settings as well to create an experience that feels both new and in many ways familiar at the same time.

One of Sword Art Online: Integral Factor’s most exciting new features is a community feature, allowing players to implement their own personal Guilds. Starting with the April 26 update, players may form their own Guild at the Merchant District of Teleport Gate Plaza. Guilds may consist of  up to 30 members to team up for quests. Once players establish their own personal Guild, they can create a Guild emblem and take part in the Guild chat for easy communication.

The game has some great 3D graphics and a fun, intuitive battle system. It’s a strong action-RPG style system that moves in a very fluid, and smooth fashion. The monster and boss creatures who make up the game world also feature some fantastic and unique designs. The action encounters have a strong feel and intensity.

During quests and hunts, the game provides ways to keep heroes in the fight. Objects may appear that provide temporary HP recovery. While this HP bump has a time constraint, it allows players to continue their battle without having to return to town in order to recover.

The crafting system is helpful for planning future quests and battles. In the Forge area, players will be able to take their drops from monsters to craft their own gear. At the Forge, gamers can also check the names of materials to see what type of monsters drop that material. That’s an incredibly helpful hint to help you map out how to tackle future quests and battles throughout the Sword Art Online: Integral Factor experience.

As an online RPG, Sword Art Online: Integral Factor caters to multiple types of players. It has a deep, immersive and compelling main storyline experience where players can play solo and focus on developing their own story within the Sword Art Online setting. However, players who enjoy the online experience with other players and a more social RPG experience will be able to connect to other players around the world to go on the quests together and face bosses.

Additionally, the game features a compelling, living, breathing narrative. Once players get started in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor, they are essentially building their own story arc set within the Sword Art Online universe. Sword Art Online: Integral Factor takes things a step further, though, because the gameplay empowers players to actually affect and change the narrative of the original Sword Art Online story. Players will encounter the main characters from Sword Art Online such as Kirito, Asuna and Klein. Player actions will actually have an affect on the events in the mainline story of Sword Art Online. A game presenting the power to literally alter and change the shape of the entire Sword Art Online narrative is pretty exciting and empowering for a new franchise spin-off.

Players may alter these events too. It’s one thing to meet or get involved with the existing characters. But in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor, player interventions can alter the events of the story. That means they can save characters who maybe didn’t make it to the end of Sword Art Online. Additionally, the characters players rescued can then become their allies who will fight alongside them in the game.

The other major feature that sets Sword Art Online: Integral Factor apart from most mobile RPGs is its intuitive and robust customization system. Gamers in Sword Art Online: Integral Factor can create their own hero in the Sword Art Online world. The customization system has a great user interface that’s easy to get started with. When creating a player avatar, players have the option to fully design their own character from the face, facial features, hair, color and costumes.

There’s also a special promotion running for new players. Players who join Sword Art Online: Integral Factor before the deadline of May 9, 2018 at 2:59 pm (UTC) will receive 2,500 Arcana Gems, two types of in-game stamps, a 4-star Asuna Skill Record, and also two original avatar options after starting the game. Also, a new Forest level map is being added to the game on April 7 that will add a brand-new story layer to Sword Art Online: Integral Factor‘s campaign.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is free-to-play. The game is available now for iOS and Android, at the App Store of choice or check out the Official Facebook Page for more information.