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Swamp Thing Gets Rights Transferred To CW


There are certain ironies in television and movies that never really get explained. And one of the biggest ones is how certain series that have all the buzz, all the popularity, and more get canceled despite being beloved by fans. In the superhero realm, this happens less than you think, but it still happens. Marvel for example canceled their entire Netflix lineup despite its popularity and adoration from fans and critics. And when DC Universe launched, they made an effort to create various live-action and animated series to be watched by fans. Yet arguably their best one was canceled before it really took off: Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing is of course one of the most prominent comics characters ever thanks to runs by legends like Alan More, Scott Snyder, and more. He was a key part of the DC Comics/Vertigo fusion that happened in the comics via the “Brightest Day” storyline. And the live-action series that came to DC Universe was headed up by James Wan, who was riding high after his victory with Aquaman in theaters. But yet, despite all the praise for the dark and horror-themed Swamp Thing, the show was cancelled before its final episodes aired.

The reason for this was money. A key tax break didn’t go through and thus the show had to be abruptly ended, making the cast, crew, and fans devastated, and wondering “What Could Have Been?”

However, as Deadline reports, the CW has now gotten the rights to the show, and will be airing it this Summer as a buffer for their programming. This is actually the second DC Universe show to jump to the CW, as Stargirl is going to be doing a simulcast of sorts on both CW and DC Universe starting next week.

To be clear, the pickup here does NOT mean that Swamp Thing is coming back for a second season. But, weirder things have happened.