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Survey May Have Revealed PS5’s Price At Launch


When it comes to the release of new consoles, there are two major questions that gamers (aka the consumers of the product who would buy it at launch) are going to ask. The second question is, “What games are going to be available for it at launch?”, which is important because when you buy a new console you’re taking a risk in that the system is going to have very few titles and you’re likely going to go back to the previous console as you wait for new games. The first question, the main question, is that of, “What is the price of the system?”, and that is a question that is haunting many who want the PS5.

After the dominating success of the PlayStation 4 (which has sold over 100 million units during its lifetime), it’s fair that gamers want a similarly epic console from the PlayStation 5. And yet, despite a massive reveal recently and a bunch of games being announced for it, the PS5 hasn’t gotten an official release date or a launch price. But, a recent survey (talked about from a person who took it) may shed some light on it.

According to the user, the questions that were in this survey indicated that the main console would be $435 and the digital-only version of the system would be $323. Give or take of course.

It should be noted that surveys like this potential one have helped influence prices on various things. BUT, they have also been known to increase price regardless of fan submissions, which is why said user told others to NOT take this as gospel.

The upcoming system has had a LOT of prices thrown around for it, including one that states that it could be upwards of $700 for the main version.

Only time will tell with what the PS5 will be like.