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Surprise Teaser For Final Fantasy 7 Remake Released

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Who was expecting a new trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake this afternoon? Virtually no one. Yet here it is, after years of silence. Why are you still reading this — why haven’t you skipped down to the trailer yet?

Sony broadcast their second ever “State of Play” today. Based on the tepid results from the first State of Play earlier this year, no one was expecting the moon. To attract people, Sony promised a new look at a Medievil remake, which didn’t sound like appointment viewing. They also showed off DLC for Monster Hunter World, a top-down brawler with Minecraft visuals, a nature survival game called “Away,” and then….

A lot of familiar scenes from the first two hours of the game appear here. Aerith offers Cloud a flower in Loveless Square. Reno and Rude confront Aerith in the abandoned church. Cloud and Barret face off against the Scorpion Tank, a conflict that will hopefully have better results than the first time:

Barret: “Cloud! Attack when its tail is up!”
*Cloud waits until its tail is up, gets creamed by laser*
Barret: “Hey! When I say ‘attack when its tail is up,’ I mean attack when its tail ISN’T up! I thought that was obvious, foo!”

The teaser ends with a promise that more will be shown in June. This all but confirms that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be shown off at E3, possibly even (dare we say it) playable there. Only problem is, Sony withdrew from E3 and won’t be giving a presentation. Perhaps this game is multiplatform now and the new trailer will appear during Microsoft’s conference?

UPDATE: Square is holding their own E3 conference on Monday, June 10 at 6 PM Pacific / 9 Eastern.

No matter how it happens, we can’t wait to see more. This trailer are sick.