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Surprise! Chrono Trigger Just Appeared On Steam


Is that Chrono Trigger on Steam? It wasn’t there yesterday. Did Square just silently rerelease what many consider the greatest RPG of all time, with no prior announcement or buildup?

Yes they did, and it certainly came as a shock to the gaming community, most of whom hold CT in high regard. A dream project between the best talent working at Square AND Enix at the time, Chrono Trigger is a time-hopping adventure illustrated by Dragon Ball’s Akira Toriyama that no respectable game library should be without.

Finally having a legit version of Chrono Trigger on the PC is such great news to wake up to that you might be asking, “Where’s the bad news? Because I know it’s coming.” Well, this happens to be….a port of the mobile version, which is the weakest port of CT in existence. That means it has gigantic obnoxious buttons with the same generic Arial font that the ill-received ports of Final Fantasies Four through Six use. But unlike those other ports, you have to give Square credit for not turning all the beautiful pixellated art of CT into washed-out HD plasticine. There’s a crummy filter on it, but it’s better than the alternative.

To be frank, the mere fact that Square threw this game onto Steam with no announcement alone speaks to their current level of respect for such a historical landmark game. Looking at the glass half-full, though….it may be flawed, but at least it’s there, and looking at the Steam port of FFVI, it could be worse.

Chrono Trigger is $14.99 on Steam; from now until April 2 you can get a “Limited Edition” that contains downloadable music and wallpapers.