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Supergirl Season 2 Will Introduce Five New Characters


Five new roles have been cast for additional characters that will start appearing when Supergirl returns for its second season, this time on The CW. You can see the regime change taking effect, because a lot of these roles feel like classic CW.

Leading the charge in the role of villain will be Lena Luthor, sister of you-know-who. The CW says she’s “sexy and smart and determined to get what she wants,” which is the kind of boilerplate description you find in every press release. The other series regular will be Nick Farrow, a new employee at CatCo who won’t get along with Kara very well (wonder how long it’ll take for them to kiss).

The other three new characters will be recurring throughout the season but won’t show up in every episode. One is Maggie, a member of the…sigh…”Science Police,” an organization that deals with metahuman and alien threats. She’s also mentioned specifically as being a lesbian, so I’m assuming right now her last name is “Sawyer.” Another newbie is the female leader of Project Cadmus, who is simply being referred to as “The Doctor.”

As for the last new character….here’s where things get weird. Yes, even weirder than an organization called “Science Police.” This last guy is a veteran journalist named Snapper Carr, and if you don’t know much about DC obscurities, this is a painfully “hip” character the company inserted into the Justice League during the 1960’s to remain “trendy” and connect with the youth of that age. The below image says it all:


Snapper has been on TV before; he appeared on Batman: The Brave And The Bold, where he fit like a glove. But here? They’re going to tone him down somewhat, right…? Today’s viewers can’t take so much groovy jive at once.

The big question everybody is asking now: “First you tell us you can barely afford Calista and then you hire FIVE people. This doesn’t mean these guys are new puppies meant to replace our favorite old dog, does it? Also, don’t tell Calista about this metaphor.” The CW wouldn’t comment when pressed about this. Start worrying.