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Supergirl Could Be Renewed, But Not In Its Present Form


Supergirl, CBS’s big entry into the growing field of superhero TV, debuted strong last fall, but its numbers gradually settled into average territory. While those ratings would still good enough for any average CBS program, these aren’t ordinary circumstances — its price tag is around $3 million an episode. The more expensive a show is, the harder it is to justify keeping it around if the returns for the investment aren’t also significant.

With two weeks to go before CBS announces its fall schedule, the network has reportedly thrown down these terms to Warner Bros. Television. According to The Wrap, they’ll consider renewing Supergirl if WB can trim down the budget. If the show does return, expect less scenes where Kara is punched through buildings while the camera follows her at 150 MPH, and more scenes where Cat Grant snarks at someone.

Some reporters have put forth the idea that CBS and WB could also be considering moving Supergirl to The CW, but sources from the show deny the idea is on the table. As it is, there would be no room for Supergirl on The CW’s current schedule — it has already renewed its entire lineup for the 2016-2017 season.